The FREE Workbook:

  • Covers Referral Through to Living Your Post-Transplant 'New Normal'
  • Includes Beth & Tony's story along with the hurdles and issues they faced in each stage - and how they handled them (or would have handled them had they known what they're sharing with you!)
  • Includes 10 Checklists/Worksheets that we created or revamped during our Journey - including the Clinic Notes Sheet

Every Chapter Includes:

  • What To Expect In This Stage
  • Notes for the Caregiver
  • Easy 'To Do's that will help you in this stage


This is absolutely wonderful!

Caregivers are important members of the transplant team but are expected to start their job with no training and little outside support. This is a great start to changing that. I will be telling all my patients' caregivers about this fantastic new resource.

Dr. Melady Preece VGH Transplant Team

WOW! Good work on your transplant workbook

Well written. We printed all 47 pages and have both read it quickly.  Only 3 typos picked up ....

Beth's Mom & Dad

I am a double lung transplant survivor of 8.5 years.

Lots of ups and downs... I found your notes helpful in remembering things I had forgotten... This is great for newbies to the transplant community.