If you’re a member of the Transplant Community, we have a blog where you can share your story.

Share Your Story: Guidelines


We’re looking for stories from members of the Transplant Community including:

  • Transplant candidates and recipients
  • Families and caregivers of transplant candidates and recipients
  • Transplant Professionals like doctors, nurses, program coordinators, psychologists, social workers…

Topics include the struggles and triumphs you or your loved ones and patients face along the journey. Think about:

  • The stages involved: getting the referral to the team, meeting the team, going through pre-transplant assessment, getting listed, waiting, the surgery, recovery and living your life post-transplant.
  • How your life has changed for the better (or worse… or both).
  • The ‘one thing’ you’d like to share with others going through the journey.

Content and Tone

Stories don’t have to include a “triumph” – it’s just as important that we help people see the realities of transplant. Stories, however, should be positive in tone. We are not interested in stories of blame.

We will not publish any story that ‘names and shames’ individuals – if this is your story, it’s important that you work through it until you can tell it in terms of struggling with the system. These stories are incredibly important in helping to effect systemic changes that can be of help to others.

Word Count

There is a minimum word count of 400.

Author Biography

Include a brief biography: Who are you? How are you involved in transplant? Where are you located geographically? What do you like/do outside of your transplant journey? Include a link to your own blog or website if you have one.

The Process

  • Email your story, brief biography and at least one photograph of yourself to MyStory@TransplantRogues.com.
  • When we receive your story, it will be set up in our blog format. We will edit it for spelling and grammar.
  • Edited stories will be added to our Editorial Calendar for publication. Stories are shared on this website, Facebook and Twitter. We appreciate your help in sharing the blog post so more people see it.

You will be set up on the website as an Author using your biography and picture. If you would like to become a more regular contributor, we can provide you with more in-depth blog post structuring guidelines and an author log-in account.