What Is ‘Bill C-316 – Organ Donors’?

Bill C-316 is a Private Member’s Bill put forward in the Canadian House of Commons (By MP Len Webber) to amend the Canada Revenue Agency Act so that it will include a checkbox for people to sign up as Organ Donors.

Just like the automatic ‘GST’ box.

Bill C-316 isn’t seeking to enact new legislation – it’s a Bill to add these 2 small-but-mighty paragraphs to existing legislation:

The Canada Revenue Agency Act is amended by adding the following after section 63:
 Agreements — organ donors 
63.‍1 (1) The Agency may enter into an agreement with a provincial or territorial government to collect — using the returns of income filed under paragraph 150(1)‍(d) of the Income Tax Act — any information that the province or territory requires for the purpose of establishing or maintaining an organ donor registry in the province or territory.
(2) The Agency may disclose to the province or territory in which an individual resides the information collected in accordance with the agreement if, in their last return of income, that individual authorized the Agency to provide the information to that province or territory.

That’s it! Done, done and done. Then when your provincial organ donor registry wants the info, they just have to ask. Even easier than grabbing a coffee and your care card and registering yourself online.

Why Support ‘Bill C-316 – Organ Donors’?

Here’s the thing: Private Members’ Bills are often defeated.

The last PMB regarding the establishment of a National Organ Donor Registry was defeated.  The idea behind this Bill is considerably easier to carry out – so we’re hopeful that it will get supported by members of all parties.

Our MPs need to know that this PMB has our support and we expect to see their support when it comes to a vote.

How To Support ‘Bill C-316 – Organ Donors ‘ Just By Hanging Around On Social Media

This Bill need our ongoing support. It’s important to share information and links with your networks – including your MPs – and encourage people to do the same.

  1. Like’ the Transplant Rogues Facebook page – we’ll provide updates and ‘shareable’ resources over the next few months. The final vote is in March, 2017.
  2. Search out and ‘Like’ your MP’s Facebook page – so you can start to tag him or her in your posts. I also ‘like’ and tag Justin Trudeau and Jane Philpott while I’m at it.
  3. ‘Like’ and share the ‘Support Bill-C316 – Organ Donors’ Facebook page . Don’t forget to Tag your MP when you do it. (You’re going to get good at tagging MPs)
  4. Sign the online Petition (CLICK HERE)  and share petition links to your social media networks.
    1. Tell people you’ve signed and you’d like their support.
    2. Guess what: Tag your MP here as well.
  5. Grab your Facebook and Twitter profile Twibbon: http://Twibbon.com/support/ISupportBillC316

On Twitter? This will work there, too! You can find us at @TransplantRogue (no ‘s’).

Use the Hashtag #ISupportBillC316 when you’re sharing pages and links so we can follow and support you, too.

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