What Is A #TransplantRogue?

This website started as a way for Beth & Tony to put up a link to their ‘GoFundMe’ page and to raise money for Tony’s lung transplant journey by selling Tony’s book – Rogues of the Road: Highwaymen and Highway Robbery In 18th Century England.

We were also looking forward to being a helpful resource for families that came after us and thought that Transplant Rogues would be a good name for our gang!

Transplant Rogues:

  1. Promote organ donation within their communities,
  2. Support transplant candidates and recipients within their communities, and
  3. Live life like their donors are watching.

Why Be A #TransplantRogue?

Transplant is a fast-growing medical treatment. It’s still in its early days, and so the people who know about it and understand the needs of transplant patients and their families are still limited. We need awareness and support for all aspects of the transplant process:

  • Getting referrals: Doctors and potential transplantees need to know what kinds of transplants are available and who the potential recipients are. Pro-active patients can help doctors learn about the referral system.
  • Preparing for transplant: Assessment in the pre-transplant phase can take months. Waiting once listed can be days, weeks, months or years. Throughout this time, the patient and caregiver require support. Stresses are physical, psychological and financial.
  • Recovering from transplant: The first year can be the most difficult as the patient and caregiver come to terms with their ‘new normal’. Infection and rejection instances are common as are new physical issues associated with the high doses of medication and psychological issues resulting from chronic illness and financial stress.

Transplant Rogues find ways to promote organ donation and support for recipients and families and they are good examples for others by living life like their donors are watching.

How To Be A #TransplantRogue!

  1. Support us through our GoFundMe page – or by purchasing The Rogue’s Transplant Journey Workbook.
  2. ‘Like’ us on Facebook to get updates on opportunities for community participation.
  3. Connect with your transplant authority and find out if they have materials for donor registration tables – and then find events that will let you set up (for free). Think: flea markets, sporting events, markets…
  4. Our transplant authority has a ‘Speakers’ Bureau’ that helps recipients put together their story so they can speak to classrooms and community groups.
  5. Find ways to tell everyone that you’re a registered organ donor:
    • Grab a social media ‘Twibbon’: http://twibbon.com/support/im-a-registered-organ-donor
    • Do wacky things – like setting your username to ‘Organ Donation’ on your Starbuck’s app and then yell ‘Saves Lives’ when the barista calls your ‘name’.
    • Enter a 5 K and fly the Transplant Rogues flag.
    • Let us know what you’re up to! Use one of these hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: #TransplantRogues #RoguesAreReady #LikeARogue

Ltony-and-bethearn more about Beth & Tony on their websites. Beth is ‘The Career Tutor’ and Tony’s site is called ‘Antique Speak’.