This is an excerpt from the most recent update of our Case Statement

Transplant Rogues’ Vision and Mission

Organ transplantation has very real impact for individuals and families. Without exception, the waiting lists for transplantation exceeds the number of transplants done in any given year.

In no small part, that’s because we’re getting so darned good at the process: referrals, surgery and follow-up medical care. As a result, the number of organ donors is lagging far behind.

With the increasing number of patients being assessed and listed, there comes an increased need for support for individuals and families in our community as they work their way through the assessment and transplant processes – and in follow-up support so they can rebuild an active life post-transplant.

Transplant Rogues’ Vision: All Canadians have equal and timely access to organ transplantation when required and that physical, mental and financial support is provided to the patients and family caregivers throughout their transplant journey.

The Mission ~ Transplant Rogues:

  • Promote Organ Donation Within Their Communities
  • Support Transplant Candidates and Recipients Within Their Communities and
  • Live Life Like Their Donors Are Watching

The 3 aspects of the Transplant Rogues’ Mission lead to action items where Transplant Rogues can work to raise awareness and provide an increased level of support to people within our local, regional and national communities.

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